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Edwards Appliance Sales/Service & Storage

Same day appliance repair and used appliances in Marshfield MO area

Appliance repair Marshfield Mo. Used appliances for sale Marshfield. Washer repair Marshfield 65706

Edwards Appliance Repair

Repairing appliances for over 28 years

We repair all major appliance brands

in the Springfield Mo area


Appliances repair service and used appliances

Used appliances for sale

417-468-2505 used washers for sale in Marshfield, MO. 417-468-2505 Used dryers for sale Marshfield

Call 417-468-2505 we sell quality reconditioned used appliances in our Marshfield, MO showroom. 

Our used washers, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens, wall ovens, ranges, cooktops and dishwashers come complete with warranties.

Stop by and see us.

We are located @ I 44 and State Highway 38 in Marshfield!

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Affordable Appliance repair

417-468-2505 Same day clothes washer repair
repair dryers, refrigerators, freezers, stoves, ovens.

417-468-2505 Same day appliance repair.

Washer not spinning water out?

Washer stops mid cycle?

Washer leaking?

Washer leaving black marks on clothes?

Touch pad not working?

Dryer not drying?

Clothes take too long to dry?

Dryer will not start?

Dryer getting too hot?

Refrigerator not cooling?

Refrigerator blows hot air?

Evaporator fan in freezer noisey?

Freezer side working but refrigerators section warm?

Ice dispenser in door not working?

Freezer not freezing food?

Ice maker not making ice?

Stove element not heating?

Oven not heating?

Oven broiler not heating?

Dishwasher not cleaning dishes?

Dishwasher soap dispenser not opening?

We replace garbage disposals.

We can fix your appliance problems!

Call us 417-468-2505 for same day appliance repair.

Our Appliance repair service areas

Appliance repair Marshfield, Strafford, Conway, Elkhorn, Seymour, Fordham, Rogersville, Mansfield.

We provide appliance repair services in Springfield Missouri areas including: 

Springfield, Marshfield, Strafford, Conway, Elkland, Seymour, Fordland, Rogersville, Mansfield, Mountain Grove, Hartville, Lebanon, Ava and Diggins, Norwood and Niangua MO.

We are your appliance repair guys in Webster, Wright, Laclede and Greene Counties.

Some of our recent appliance repairs

LG refrigerator not cooling
Samsung refrigerator not working
Dryer not drying
Maytag washer no spin

- Repaired refrigerator that was not cooling properly.

- Pulled sock out of Whirlpool washer pump

- Replaced worn GE dryer belt

-  Replace bad heating element on Kitchen aid oven

- Replaced bad wiring in dryer

- Defrosted freezer section

- Unclogged garbage disposal 

 LG refrigerator with bad compressor.

Appliance recycling

Appliance pick up in Marshfield, MO. Sell used washers, sell used dryers, sell used refrigerators.

Help us save landfill space and donate your unneeded appliances to us!

Many machines that aren't working can be brought back to life by our technicians. These machines are sold at discount to cover our costs, Better than sitting them roadside for the scrap guy to sell for metal, our recycling program can refurbish them for resell. Selling these used appliances at affordable prices allows those that can't afford new to buy something that's more with their budget. Our program also provide local jobs for drivers, cleaning crews, and others that help us get our machines back working great.

So, whether buying a house with outdated appliances, or redoing your kitchen, give us a call to pick up your old ones.

417-468-2505, we offer free appliance pick up in Marshfield MO, area including Strafford, Conway, Elkland, Niangua and Seymour.

Call us 417-468-2505

Affordable Self Storage

Self Storage in Marshfield, MO
Kenmore washer not working
KitchenAid refrigerator not cooling

Self storage units available in Marshfield, MO

Secure 24 hour access self storage.

Call 417-468-2525 for affordable self storage units in Marshfield.